Burden to Gift – Understanding and Thriving in your Empathy 

This workshop will provide practical tools, helping you better understand and thrive in your empathy, it is designed for people who identify with any of the following:

  • have done CliftonStrengths & have Empathy as one of their top strengths
  • or people who work in helping professions and get emotionally overloaded by the stories of others
  • people who are unsure of how to separate their own emotions from others
  • may be feeling close to burnout
  • people wanting to understand their emotions better and use them to effectively help people

This workshop is designed and facilitated by Emma Christie – Counsellor & Accredited CliftonStrengths Coach. Emma has Empathy as a top strength and has spent the past 10 years learning to understand and thrive in it, personally and professionally. She has worked in the mental health industry for over 8 years and is passionate about helping others understand and thrive in their empathy, understanding just how great of a gift it really is.

Workshop Cost: $150 (Student price: $100). Price subject to change 

This workshop is delivered via Zoom or in-person with workshops being run every couple of months.

The next workshop is running: Monday 5th July 2021 9am-1pm Laidlaw College, 70 Condell Avenue, Papanui, Christchurch Click here to see the flyer:Burden To Gift Flyer 2021

Get in touch below to book your spot, or register your interest for the next one, if you would like a workshop run in your town/city get in touch.


This workshop is not only a chance to learn new tools but to actually do them. You’ll leave this workshop lighter and equipped to invest in your empathy for the long haul. – Zara (Auckland)

Emma is so thoughtful and clear in her teaching. She understands empathy, its ability to bring life and healing and its possibility of draining without helpful boundaries. Thank you for your professionalism and the tools given to attendees – they will continue to be useful as I balance my own needs with others. – Claire (Christchurch)

The Burden to Gift workshop was so beneficial in gaining more understanding of my empathy strength. I learnt new strategies for managing empathy and using it as a gift rather than being weighed down by it. I had the chance to share my experience of empathy and I felt heard and valued. It was great to be in a group with others and hearing the different experiences people have had. I loved the workshop, it felt like I was able to take some time to focus on myself and learn more about me. I loved the way Emma facilitates the workshop and I felt it worked really well over zoom! – Anonymous

Get in touch now to book your spot, or register your interest for the next one.

Introduction to Strengths Group Workshop

This workshop is great for teams who are want to know more about Strengths. It helps individual team members understand themselves better as well as begin to understand the team. This workshop is 2-3 hours. (Price varies)

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