Empathy Course

In Lockdown 2020 I had signed up to do Emma’s workshop on turning Empathy from a burden to a gift, and had empathy as my top strength. It felt as though I was constantly tripping over empathy instead of it being a blessing to others and myself. I am very blessed to be a mother of 3, which makes life busy with the advantage of my other 4 top strengths being people focussed as well- Empathy, Positivity, Adaptability, Woo and Developer!

I work with preschool children and parents every day and found I was becoming burdened by the various concerns parents shared with me, and I didn’t have any good processes in place for dealing with this. Also what I discovered through the workshop is my life balance (not making any time for my own needs) was way out of whack! Thanks to some really helpful skills I learnt on the course I have made some changes. One change I’ve made is every day after work I take time to download onto paper and to God the various ‘concerns’ parents have shared. Then I take half an hour to sit and enjoy my kai/time alone before starting on housework. Emma’s Empathy course has been really valuable to me and comes highly recommended.