CliftonStrengths Coaching

What is CliftonStrengths:
Clifton Strengths helps you unlock what is already great about you. Focusing on your strengths rather than your weakness, it empowers you to step into what you are already good at and hone and develop your skills further.

Coaching helps you understand what your strengths report means; help you see how your strengths are already impacting your life; and look at what areas need work and help give you more insight and understanding.

Your first coaching session  helps you to understand your strengths and how they are playing out in your life. My promise to clients is that I will help them to embrace their full potential. I will help them find purpose in what they do, and to understand their own uniqueness that this world needs and help them to embrace and develop the person they are so they can thrive at life in all areas.
Each coaching session is customised to the individual.
Top 5 CliftonStrengths Coaching (no code)
Initial Session (90 mins) | $120 excluding cost for code for test (contact me for further information about getting a code)
Code to take the test(if not already taken) | $40
Follow up Session (60mins) | $90
Follow up sessions help you delve deeper into your strengths and learn how they best benefit you and others. Maybe you want to focus on one strength or understand how you can talk about your strengths in a job interview, follow up sessions are customised to what will benefit you most. 
All 34 Coaching
2 x 60 minute sessions are required to understand all 34 strengths 
Cost per session | $90
Introduction to Strengths Group  Workshop| $350
This workshop is great for teams who are want to know more about Strengths. It helps individual team members understand themselves better as well as begin to understand the team.
Strengths Explorer (CliftonStrengths for Kids) ages 7+
Discover your child’s 3 Top strengths to help focus on the gold that is with in them. 
Codes for Test | $20 (if child is having counselling sessions with me, code is included in session fee) 
Coaching session | $90 
 “Coaching with Emma was comfortable yet challenging! Emma encouraged me to identify how I was already using my strengths in my day to day life and how I could do this more intentionally. Would definitely recommend Emma if you are looking for a compassionate and encouraging coach!” – Haven 

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