Why understanding your strengths is the key to embracing your full potential

In a world that focuses on comparison it can be hard to see what’s good about ourselves. When so often we can clearly see when we are lacking something or don’t have what they have to succeed. Unlocking your strengths gives you the tools you require to focus on the uniqueness that YOU offer the world and understand how great YOU are. This has nothing to do with how much money you have, where you were born or what qualification you do or do not have. Unlocking your strengths helps you to know where to put your time and energy and understand why you do what you do or why you are passionate about what you are passionate about.


The CliftonStrengths tool when partnered with coaching enables you to understand how your strengths apply to you and every area of your life. It gives insight to the frustrations you may have as well as insight to the way you are in relationships with people. It can provide direction for your career, fulfilment in relationships and great work satisfaction.


Having been introduced to the CliftonStrengths tool 10 years ago, it gave me language to understand myself better. With the help of a CliftonStrengths Coach I was able to see how these strengths were already playing out in my life and also help me understand myself on a deeper level. It gave me insight and foundations to why I care so much about helping people reach their full potential, as well as confirmed the Career path I was heading. Since then, with coaching, skills and knowledge I have grown in my strengths and continued to embrace my full potential.


As a CliftonStrengths coach my own Top 5 Strengths (Developer, Belief, Empathy, Connectedness and Individualization) help me to provide an individualized experience for each of my clients. I help them unpack their strengths and make sense of them. I also help them explore the flipsides of their strengths and give insight to the self-care aspects their combination of strengths may require.


CliftonStrengths has been one of the most rewarding choices I have ever made and helped me create a life that I love, I have also had the privilege to see the impact it has in others lives also.


Get in touch to find out more and let this be the year you give yourself the tools to embrace your full potential.

~ Emma


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